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The starting point in any ground cover installation job is determining how much material is needed. This begins with you calculating how many square feet you have to cover. The formula for this is:

length x width = total square footage

If you have an area that is 10' x 10' it is a total of 100 sq. ft. Free formed areas can be rounded off to the nearest rectangular shape. You will need the following two formulas to calculate the areas in and around circles.

area of a circle= 3.14 x radius squared

circumference of a circle = 2 x 3.14 x the radius

The radius of a circle is the distance between its center and any point on its perimeter.

Ground cover is sold either by the ton (2000 lb. unit) or by the cubic yard ( 3' x 3' x 3' by volume otherwise known as 27 cubic ft). The following are some useful formulas for figuring coverage on ground cover.

Coverage Figures For Clean Stone And Washed Sand

Depth of Material Square Feet per Ton
1" 200
2" 100
3" 75
4" 50
6" 33

Coverage Figures For Mulch And Topsoil

Depth of Material Square Feet per Yard  
1" 324  
2" 120  
3" 100  
4" 79  
6" 56  

Coverage Figures For Screenings And Quarry Process

Depth of Material Square Feet per Ton
1" 150
2" 75
3" 50
4" 37.5
6" 25


Lawns & Landscape Beds

When putting stone on front lawns and landscape beds it is a good idea to use a weed barrier fabric. Weed Barrier allows water and nutrients to pass through to plants while also inhibiting weed growth. The best way to help the weed barrier do its job is to put the proper amount of stone over it. Weed Barrier manufacturers recommend a minimum of 3" of stone to keep the suns UV rays from penetrating and degrading the weed barrier. When using large stone such as 3"-5" or 5"-8" it may be helpful to have a layer of smaller stones underneath to fill any gaps between the large stone.

Weed Barrier can also be used under mulch to prevent weed growth, though it is not as important to use it with mulch as it is with stone.

You may want to use any number of products to border your ground cover areas . The different options include: plastic or aluminum landscape edging, pressure treated wood landscape ties, decorative concrete edgers, or various types of natural stones.

Driveways & Parking Areas

For the best possible job you should excavate to a depth of 6", then install weed barrier, followed by 4" of Crushed stone.  You may also use decorative clean stone. 3/8" and 3/4" sized stone are the best choices for driveways and parking areas. Crushed stone is a more practical choice for this type of installation as it packs better, but if you prefer the look of round gravel it can also be used.  Note round.  You do not want to use a sharp stone as you may puncture your vehicle tires.

If you would rather take the easy route, just spread 2" of stone over the existing ground and your done. Don’t use weed barrier with this method as it will likely be torn up by the tires of your car.

Remember, with driveways its best to keep the depth of stone at about 2". If its too deep cars may get buried. You can always add more stone in a year or so as it packs down. With 3/8" stone it may be a good idea to spread at a depth of 1 1/2".


Please note: Coverage figures are approximate and should be used as a general guide. It is a good idea to order some extra for any job. ABC Sales, Inc. will under no circumstances be responsible for taking back stone if too much was ordered or for delivering a second load for free if not enough stone was ordered.


* Please be aware that all products containing wood are flammable. Please follow proper steps to install* NO RETURNS ON NATURAL PRODUCTS.

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